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            Coming Events


            Wednesday January 18, Nanaimo Curling Club, doors open at 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm, meetings at 1:30 pm & 6:30 pm


            Thanks to Question Pro for providing us with software to assist with our June 2023 Quilt Show!

            As well as access to their Free Survey Templates

            For more information, visit our
            Coming Events Page
            NEW! Donation Information Sheet

            Donation Placemats FINISHED size should be 12" X 18"


            We are sorry, but our December 21 Christmas event has been cancelled due to the weather.

            Sue Creba, newsletter editor

            Lots more info in the newsletter!
            Sue Creba
            Newsletter editor







            Click the Link Below to see our meeting location.






            Our newsletter is now online!
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            Quilting Links
            Parksville Qult House Quilters Guild
            Campbell River Friendship Quilters' Guild
            Cindy's Threadworks
            Canadian Quilters' Assoc
            Vancouver Quilters Guild
            Boundary Bay Quilters' Guild
            Westshore Quilters Guild
            Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilters
            Sunshine Coast Quilters' Guild
            Jonanco Quilters  
            Quilters Resources
            Quilts of Valour Canada
            Victoria Quilters Guild
            if you know of any websites that we should include please let us know. You can send suggestions to,  smcreba@gmail.com 
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